Meet Saira


Meet Saira

Thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to get to know me. I would love to share more than my professional credentials with you here. I have included a little bit of my life story.

Life has put me through a spectrum of different experiences from hard, traumatic, and scary moments to joyful, loving, and fulfilling ones, creating a woman I never imagined. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t been exposed to struggles and other experiences occurring in my life. My life has been a continuous process of wondrous experiences, each unfolding miraculously and revealing rich opportunities to learn about myself, others, the world, and life itself. Therefore life itself has been my biggest teacher.

My journey started in remote areas of Pakistan. As a child I imagined my inner and outer world as varied spaces, big and small, beautiful and ugly, bright and dark, happy and sad, safe and scary, all entangled in strange and difficult feelings, until I needed to call for help.

My transformation started when I broke, for the first time, a family and cultural taboo and stepped into a therapist’s office. Entering therapy was a courageous and scary step for me, as I was raised in a family and culture where therapy was considered only for the mentally ill, and it was forbidden to tell private thoughts to anyone outside of the family. I remember feeling ashamed, as if I had betrayed my family. But deep down I knew that it was the right thing to do. I knew that I would get sick and live like a robot if I didn’t take care of my feelings, emotions, and triggers. It would therefore have been a disservice to my loved ones, community, and myself if I did not seek help. I made a commitment to myself to heal and nurture my emotional well-being.

I got physically sick. I started to experience horrible stomachaches and I ended up in an emergency room. My search for a solution to my ailment resulted in visiting different kinds of doctors, and going through many tests and medications. The doctors were unable to find any cause and no medication helped.  I understood at that time, something else needed to happen to heal my body. I started to work with somatic therapists, body workers, yoga, and meditation. I began to pay very close attention to my emotions, and the sensations in my body, heart, and spirit.  Slowly my stomachaches started to wane. I have come to believe that diseases are often manifestations of our emotional health and these symptoms are our body’s way of trying to communicate to us our need for emotional healing.

I have also gone through big transitions in my life like the sudden deaths of loved ones, the ending of long relationships, and so on. These transitions have caused me great heartache and other intense emotions like anger, guilt, shame, etc. I thought at that time that I could never get through them. These intense emotions and painful transitions seemed like the end of the world. But I did get through these trying times and it was then that I decided to give back to the community by supporting others going through difficult challenges and struggles in their lives.

Years of working in a personal and professional capacity have made me realize that there is always a way to prosper, even if it often feels bleak. We all have innate abilities to heal and we are much more resourceful than we give ourselves credit for. I have witnessed the healing process of other people and have found that although there are vast differences among us, seeing a person as a whole in mind, body, spirit, and heart, and acknowledging their inherent goodness, is the key for any healing work.

Life experiences and my inner conviction helped me hear and act on my calling, “to be of service to humanity”. I made it my mission to discover my true self and serve humanity from a heartfelt place. Feeling this strongly I started training for a M.A. in Counseling Psychology at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University), Palo Alto, CA, USA. I also got certified in energy healing modalities from different schools and trained in Somatic Experiencing from USA. Energy healing and Somatic Experiencing helped me recalibrate my nervous system by working through trauma, triggers, and other intense emotions.  I now feel more vitality and capacity to live my life fully.  I continued to deepen my work by taking different workshops, sitting in silence, joining different professional groups, and gaining fuller knowledge by reading different psychological books. 

As a healer and coach I bring the humility and wisdom of my own experiences with me. I feel honored to share my work with you and support you in your own work and journey in life.