Should everything pass away,
it couldn't happen without You.
This heart of mine bears Your imprint;
it has nowhere else to turn.

The eye of intellect is drunk with You,
the wheeling galaxy is humble before You,
the ear of ecstasy is in Your hand;
nothing happens without You.

The soul is bubbling with You,
the heart imbibes You,
the intellect bellows in rapture;
nothing happens without You.

You, my grape wine and my intoxication, 
my rose garden and my springtime,
my sleep and repose;
nothing happens without You.

You are my grandeur and glory,
you are my possessions and prosperity,
you are my purest water;
nothing happens without You.

It is all Your being, Your gentle good faith or Your seemingly cruelty.
You are everything of mine;
no matter where You are going,
nothing happens without You.

They place their hearts with You,
and You break them;
they repent, You break them again.
You do all of this Yourself;
nothing happens without You.

Were something to happen without You, 
the world would be overturned. 
The Garden of Eden would turn to Hell;
nothing happens without You.

If You are a head, I'll become Your feet,
and if You are a fist, I'll become Your flag.
If You disappear, I'll turn to nothing;
nothing happens without You.

You've disturbed my sleep,
You've effaced my personality,
You've broken every attachment;
nothing happens without You.

Should You stop being my Beloved,
my affairs would be disastrous.
My Comforter, my dear Companion! 
Nothing happens without You.

Without You, life would not be delightful
nor death joyous;
how can I rebel against Your sorrow?
Nothing happens without You.

Whatever I say, O seal of judges,
all seemingly good and evil notwithstanding,
say it Yourself, by Your Grace; 
nothing happens without You.



Underneath everything, there is love. Love is present in the depths of our souls. We often forget our capacity to love when we loose a loved one, go through heartbreaks, or difficult times.  Feelings of resentment, anger, sadness, anguish, and so on take over. Life could feel like a burden. Intense emotions not only bring our energy down but also could feel like or become tangible physical pain that manifests in our bodies. It feels like the end of the world. Often we blame and hate others for our suffering and pain.   

Reality is that harboring negative emotions only causes more suffering to us. We always have a choice. Choice is ours, whether we want to connect with love or connect with negative emotions. Connecting with love doesn’t mean that others are not accountable for their actions or behaviors or we don’t feel any negative emotions. No!! it means that we bring nourishment to our beings.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and notice how you are feeling. Now think about a time when you felt love, or someone or something you love a lot. Bring that feeling into your consciousness and let it spread into you. Notice the difference within you. Make a conscious note to yourself to bring your attention back to this feeling of love.